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History of Theatre

Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre was founded in December 1999.

The author of all performances is the artistic director, the director of Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Winner of State Prize of Crimea, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Arts of Crimea Vadim Yelizarov.

In the first half of 2000 Sebastopol viewers saw vivid dance shows "Spring Journey", "Dances of the World," "Love Story". Performances of young theater company came with the sold-out and the small dance hall was not big enough to accommodate all wishing to see new performances.

In August 9, 2000 - the premiere performance of “Argentine Tango” took place. “Argentine Tango” is a chamber performance with a conflict of relations and characters. The basic of performance is the music of popular Argentine composer Ástor Piazzolla. It was the first time of performance with live music. A quartet "Exclusive" (Catherine Badaeva (Moscow), Valentin Lobanov (Donetsk), Sergei Sergeev (Kiev), Catherine Greshischeva (Sevastopol) were one of the main actors of the performance.

October 13, 2000 - the premiere of “Carmen”. The “Carmen” is considered to be the first major performance that made the Theater to become a real Theater. The libretto has been specially written, all details were calibrated, and all the characters were worked out very carefully for this new performance. Young actors successfully acted the drama of Prosper Mérimée with music of Georges Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin. Honored Artists of Ukraine Natalia Yelizarova, Denis Yelizarov and Sergey Grinev have first performed the main roles.

January, 2001 – “ Waltz of Waltz” is an amazingly lyrical performance. It shows the whole range of feelings, connecting man and woman through the rhythm of waltz.

October, 2001 - «Exhibition». The enchantling dancing show, which name speaks for itself. It is an original exhibition of various directions of dance, not only classical (waltz, cha-cha-chа), but also ultramodern (hip-hop, break-dance). Lots of acts of this program, lyrical and merry, were loved by the public and became real dancing “hits”.

December, 2002 - «Notre Dame de Paris» - became the undisputed success of the Dance Theater, its business card. It had a tremendous success in Ukraine and abroad. Vadim Yelizarov in his new work followed the literary canvas of Victor Hugo and the music of Richard Cocciante emphasizing the originality of scenic solutions. It was the first time when the professional artists Tatiana Karaseva and Jaroslav Anastasiev manufactured the costumes and the original two-level scenery. .

Novembre, 2003 – “My Fair Lady” is the modern interpretation of ancient Greek legend. The collision of social culture with the classic versions of its manifestations is at the heart of audience's attention. What’s stronger?.. The performance was awarded the prize of Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The Honored Artists of Ukraine Alexander Yelizarov, Honored Artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Roman Kutskiy, Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Ivanova and Anna Danilchenko acted the main characters.

July 16, 2004 - "Cabaret". The performance became bright and memorable benefit of one of the best dancers of Ukraine –Natalia Yelizarova.

Novembre, 2005 - “The Best”. The show is the great collection of the best acts, which entered the golden fund of Sevastopol Dance Theatre. The program is presented by the leading actors of the Dance Theater such as silver medalists of World Championship at «exhibition» Oleg Loparev and Larissa Tarkovskaya, Vice - World Champions in oriental dance Honored Artist of Ukraine Anastasiya Nikolenko, Honored Artist of the Crimea Alexander Bondarchuk and the winner of State Prize of the Crimea Alla Lisovskaya, Honored Artists of Ukraine Yana Tihenko and Fedor Pilipenko Honored artists Crimea Olga Makarova, Dmitry Tzepkov.

On Christmas and New Year holidays Dance Theatre traditionally presents big New Year shows to young viewers. Sevastopol Children loves these performances. The first performance for children was “New Year's Field of Dreams”. Dance Theatre has presented to young visitors such performances as "Nutcracker", "Cinderella", "The Bremen Town Musicians", "The Snow Queen", "Pinocchio", "Harry Potter", "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves", "Flying Ship".

In December 9, 2009 Sevastopol Dance Theatre of Vadim Yelizarov was awarded the title of "ACADEMIC" by the order of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.

The Grand Concert on the 10th anniversary of the Theatre took place in Kiev at the National Palace “Ukraina” where the title of Academic Theatre was announced.

The titles of "Honored Artist of Ukraine" were awarded to the highest category of ballet dancers: Irina Gladkikh, Eugenija Gordienko, Natalia Ivanova, Anastasia Nikolenko, Anna Danilchenko, Daria Chumakova, Jana Tihenko, Fedor Pilipenko, Denis Soloviyov. The title "Honored Worker of Culture" was awarded to Ludmilla Neofitnaya, Marina Minenkova and Olga Kharkova.

The titles "Honored Artist of Crimea" were awarded to Vladimir Kosenko and Anton Lenitskiy.


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