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Dance school

"Youth" Oriental dance

Dariya Chumakova
Kiev branch of the Kharkov International Slavonic University
Ballroom choreographer
Honored artist of Ukraine
Honored artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Which one of little girls does not want to feel like a princess?

Many of the teenage girl's dreams to become a star and to shine at the parties. Kids come delighted by the eastern suits! And they get a lot of positive emotions, representing themselves the Eastern beauties! Dancing in front of the mirror, the girl is so transformed that does not recognize herself! Oriental dance charms by its beauty and femininity!

Oriental dancing will develop the grace and beauty of motion, raise aesthetic taste in the art of dance. In addition, belly dancing have beneficial effects: the joints are developed, a beneficial effect on the internal organs, the heart and respiratory system are trained, improves posture, normalize body weight.

Belly dancing for kids develops plasticity, flexibility, agility, endurance, and ascribe the child to the musical culture, acquaint them with the rhythms and dance of other nations. Belly dance classes is a great way to relax, open up internally and let you become more confident, get a nice plastic and femininity, which is needed to every women at any age!

Children have to learn to communicate. Belly dancing for kids teach kids knit teamwork, which is subject to a common goal –perform beautiful and expressive dance. Belly dancing for kids gets over all kinds of complexes due to their appearance - in fact the ability to beautifully dance - it's much more than natural beauty.

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