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Gordiyenko Yevgeniya
Kiev branch of the Kharkov International Slavonic University
choreographer, ballroom choreography
Honored artist of Ukraine
Honored artist of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Flamenco is a freedom.

Flamenco is a character.

Flamenco is a movement.

Flamenco is the life.

Catching up on Flamenco you will inevitably find that the expressive and flowing movements of hands, proud bearing, violent scattering of fractions - it really creates by your body. The surrounding are paying more attention to you more than before, because you become more confident, more attractive and more freely. You are able to attract the opposite sex just by the gait, posture and turning head. Do you have your unique grace - which has no one else in the world. You just dance flamenco - one of the most fantastic, deep and vibrant dance world.

Talking about flamenco can be long, but it would not have an answer to the question "What is flamenco?" Flamenco is fusion of musical accompaniment (toque), singing (cante) and dance (Baile). Flamenco styles (palos) are different rhythmic patterns. The most popular Palos are Tona, Solea, Fandango and Seguiriya - are classified as cante jondo. Flamenco dance, flamenco guitar, or the incomparable cante jonto are the example of a rare originality of style. Jean Cocteau defined flamenco style as "a flame that insists on dying in order to be reborn". Flamenco dance is a sensual, passionate, violent even uninitiated will be captured by the mysteries of the compas and zapateado.

"Flamenco is the energy and passion that allows you prettily to go through the life and would not be afraid to be yourself."

Flamenco - it's more than dance, this is a state of mind. If you feel sad about gray days, and you want a holiday - treat yourself to dance. Feel like a real Spaniard under the charming sounds of Spanish guitar. Let your heart beating with the rhythms of flamenco. And the whole world will be yours!

The training program includes:

- The study of the most common styles of flamenco, the development of a sense of rhythm;
- The basic techniques of fractions, setting the arms and body, the development of plastics, coordination of movements, correction of posture and gait, development of balance;
- Flamenco dances of different styles;
- Work with the emotions, the elements of acting, improvisation.

    Flamenco develops / forms:

  • Strength, flexibility, agility, speed and endurance.
  • Coordination of movements.
  • Royal posture, proper distribution of load on the muscles and organs, thus preventing many diseases.
  • Improving the balance.
  • Stretch.
  • Improvement of the joints.
  • Development and strengthening of the shoulder girdle muscles, chest, back, abdomen, waist and legs.
  • Plasticity, the ability to move gracefully.
  • Ability to control your body.

Dance lessons are built on the principle of a gradual increase in load. Much attention is paid to the development of major muscle groups - especially the shoulder girdle, the development of the ankle joint, strengthening the spine. When the muscles and joints acquire the ability to perform movements of the simple trajectory, we begin to train the body to perform different movements simultaneously at different rates. A separate unit is working with the rhythm and emotion.

In teaching, we pay attention to the peculiarities of character, training level and desires of students.

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