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Dance school

Classical dance

Elena Olhopskay
Perm State Ballet School,
St. Petersburg State University of Trade Unions,
Kiev National University of Culture and Arts
Graduate School of International Slavic University (Kharkov), the Kiev Choreography School
Ballet dancer,
Art critic - marketing,
Stage choreographer
Laureate of State Prize of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Classical choreography is the basis for any kind of dance, the basic system of expressive choreography.

Classical ballet could be called the foundation of all kinds of theatrical dance. Besides the approval of dance as the high art and as the independent type theatrical action that can develop a plot without singing or recitation, ballet developed the terminology of the dance and the training system for the dancers, with a few changes used in other styles. Therefore, the dancers should start with the classical dance lessons, even if they later specialize in modern dance, ballet, show, or jazz dance.

Fundamentals of classical ballet dance are so versatile that even experienced dancers of other dance styles do not stop training classics.

Classics classes are very useful for the children. From the childhood they form the correct posture, and gradually corrected various cases of spinal curvature. On classical dance lesson children develop responsibility as well as respect for the art.

Learning classical dance includes: learning the basic positions of the arms, legs and placing the body, a professional acquaintance with the terminology, history of ballet, staging little classical forms: etudes, adagio, variations, etc.

All movements of classical dance are based on turnout passion of the leg. The theory of classical dance developed the doctrine of the closed (ferme) and opens (ouvert), crossed (croisee) and not crossed (efface) positions and postures, and movement's inward (en dehors) and outward (en dedans).

Turnout is a term denoting one of the most important professional qualities of a dancer. Turnout essential for any dancer for the stage dance performance (especially - classic). In addition, turnout promotes clean lines of plastic leg movements, makes invisible the angles formed by lifting the heels of the feet, etc.

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