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Dance school


Leading Teacher:
Olga Kharkovaia
CPU - Ballet Department
Choreographer choreographer.
Staged photography, ballroom choreography.
Honored worker of culture of Ukraine
Honored worker of culture of Crimea

Dancing is the pleasant pastime and a great way to keep you fit.

- For young people - physical activity;

- For middle age - an effective and pleasant way to fill their free time;

- For very busy - so necessary to their health physical and mental discharge;

Group classes are perfect to learn general techniques and get you comfortable with the techniques of specific dance styles, from Cha Cha to Waltz and everything in between. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability. Group classes are offered in a developmental series, are progressive, and are an effective method to learning basic dance steps and rhythms.

If you have always wanted to take dance lessons, signing up for group classes is a great place to start. Group Lessons are a fun and rewarding way for you to progress to higher levels of dance in a social setting.

Benefits of Group Lessons

Invaluable experience of dancing with other partners

Social aspect to group lessons in a comfortable setting

Moving forward at a comfortable pace

Sharpening your techniques and styling

Affordable way to learn ballroom dance

Dance is an ideal hobby for couples. It's opportunity to assist in building partnerships between "He" and "She". According to experts it is desirable for husband and wife to have a common hobby, which they could do together at least once a week.

Dance is the hobby for every one of all ages from 6 to 60 with different abilities and skills.

Whether you have come to our school to learn to ballroom dance for an event, explore an alternative way to stay in shape, pursue dancing competitively, or to simply have fun, it is our mission to ensure that each of our students leave our studios naturally confidant and comfortable on the dance floor.

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