Print version 2013-12-22 :: Four times sounded the anthem of Ukraine in the heart of France

EXCLUSIVE from firsthand

"Victoria" - it's always VICTORY

Four times sounded the anthem of Ukraine in the heart of France - Paris. Four sets of gold medals were brought from the capital of the France by guys of the Sevastopol sport dance club "Victoria". Is not it a reason to be proud of their achievements?

For the record: sports dance club "Victoria" was created by Vadim Yelizarov in 1978. For over a quarter century, the club was the leading ballroom team of the USSR, and in 1990 was the last champion of the Soviet Union. SDC "Victoria" has frequently been a finalist of World and European Championships; it has been fourteen times Ukrainian champion. Today the SDC "Victoria" is the team of professionals who represents Sevastopol and Ukraine on international competitions. Chief Coaches SDC "Victoria" - world-class dancer, multiple champion of Ukraine, World Cup winner, honored artists of Ukraine Natalia Ivanova and Alexander Yelizarov.

However, the joy of winning the world champions title had been poisoned! Where do you think it happened? - In the hometown! What? Petty little note on one of the websites written by Maya Gotha (maybe someone knows this journalist?).

Lies, incompetence, manipulation of facts and frightening conclusions so all the canons of the "yellow" press were used in this scribble.

It happens when you do not have enough intelligence, talent, and even basic decency, but for all that, there are serious ambitions the «Salieri effect " - it is necessary to give us something to get attention! That attracted...

Yelizarov family – public people and they certainly could not avoid insulting the townsfolk gossip, slander, lies, provocations, mixed with envy. That is the fate of any talented person who is constantly in view.

Among the Sevastopol citizens many people who believe that Yelizarov Dance Theatre - is one of the Sevastopol brands. Therefore, at each premiere people applaud standing as a tribute to the art, creativity, talent, artists and leaders of the unique team.

Well, what really happened in Paris, personally, I learned exclusively from first-hand - from Alexander exclusively from Yelizarov, who shared his impressions about the world championship in Paris at a press conference on December 17.

"Our guys for three months were preparing for this trip - trained hard, - says Alexander – financially it was not easy, because to the championship, we have sent 41 dancers. We have done everything that the guys were able to take part in this championship: partly funded by bus, found a way to cheap accommodation in Paris.

I must say - continued Alexander - in the dance world, there are two major global organizations involved in the development of ballroom dance. This World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF), which brings together amateur dancers and World Dance Council (WDC) uniting professional dancers. Amateur organization professes ballroom dance as a sport. Professionals see dance as an art. Dance Theatre was founded on the basis of sports dance club "Victoria". And for the past 15 years, we, as professional artists, are members of the World Dance Council. "

Traditional festival "Open Championship of France" takes place in the French capital annually in Disneyland Paris. WDC arrange official World Championship on its version. Among the many disciplines represented at the festival, a special place is occupied by the "formation" - group performances of dance teams (eight pairs).

This year's tournament was held from December, 7 to 9. Sebastopol dancers, like the rest on the festival, were presented in this discipline, the Ballroom and Latin American programs in the categories: "adult" (19 - 35 years) and "youth" (under 17 years) and become world champions!

The Sebastopol juniors won automatically (in this category had no competitors), the adult dancers had to endure a tough test: for the title in Latin program fought six teams from European countries.

"For us, it is fundamentally important - says Alexander Yelizarov featured video - how dance elite - a community of professionals, world champions in front of several thousand people in the hall will react to our show. Participation in the festival, first of all, it was important for our young athletes, because the development of ballroom skills is largely determined by the sports motivation, which encourages creativity and further improvement in the dance. "

And elite reacted properly evaluate the performance of our dancers.

It should be mentioned that the choreographer of the presented plays at the championship, is Vadim Yelizarov, choreographers and head coaches are – Alexander Yelizarov and Natalia Ivanova. Natalia was the costume designer for the performances.

While dance club "Victoria" defended the honor of the country and the city in France, events in the city developed rapidly. Vadim Yelizarov appointed director of theater named after AV Lunacharsky, and Alexander served as the head of representation in Dance Theatre.

Last Wednesday Alexander Yelizarov was approved as the Director of Sevastopol Dance Theatre. Made the right decision because each must do his own job: police officer - protect the peace of the citizens, the firefighter - put out fires and the professional artist - lead Dance Theatre. After all, everything here is based on personal example, and the basics of this complex art comprehended by years. It is no coincidence that most of the troupe consists of artists who have come here to work from different regions of Ukraine and Russia there is a perfect base for realization of their creative talents on the professional stage. Our Dance Theatre is unique in the world.

Newer the less the founder of this theater is Vadim Albertovich Yelizarov. His name will always be inextricably linked with the Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre. And his successor will continue to develop the best traditions of the team, and, of course, will make new colors, new colors in the creative life of the theater because the art - is always a movement - the movement to the Beauty.

Dance Theatre continues to live and now is preparing to introduce to our children new Christmas premiere - a fairy tale "Our Masha and the Bear." "It will be very interesting", - assured us Alexander Yelizarov. One we know exactly for twenty days little theater audiences enjoy the atmosphere of fairy tales, from nowhere Christmas tree will grow up to the ceiling and all the spectators, with the hero of the tale will stand in a circle, and it will be fun, because Christmas story has always been so , is and will be.

Tatiana Sandulova.