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"A slow breath of hope barely touched with a fine - and reviving the power of searching and creativity, the desire to do something good and useful, to help people. That is the greatest power of beauty. "

Ivan Efremov, "Razor blade"

Whenever when I see a beautiful person, I feel sincere joy, because on such meeting I get confirmation of the truth, to which had come all the thinkers of the ancient world: beauty - is the pinnacle of perfection, desirability and harmony. Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato's concept of the beauty is regarded as the personification of kindness, intelligence, moral frequencies. Plato believed that "beauty - a radiance of truth," and therefore - the highest human value. Confirmation of this idea can be found among scientists later ages. Renowned physicist P. Dirac believed that a beautiful theory, a beautiful formula could not be false. Another scientist - physicist Richard Feynman believed that the truth can be recognized by its beauty. The mathematician Poincare wrote that useful combinations are the most elegant combination. A well-known aircraft designer A.S. Yakovlev stated: "an ugly airplane will not fly, I do not know why, but wouldn’t."

Skeptics may say that beauty is a God's gift and not everyone on this earth receives it. I believe that God gives only the half the rest man is able to create by himself, fortunately he is created by the image and likeness of God. I like how Ivan Efremov writes about this: "beauty is the midpoint between the two sides of every phenomenon, everything that the ancient Greeks called ariston - perfect, assuming a synonym of the sense of proportion. I imagine this measure something like a razor blade, because it is difficult to find and implement it, as to walk on a razor's blade ...»

Enough philosophy let’s take a closer look on a very nice person - Anastasia Nikolenko, soloist of the Sevastopol academic Dance Theatre, led by the National Artist of Ukraine Vadim Yelizarov.

In her 25 years, she is Honored artist of Ukraine, Honored Artist of the ARC. There is nothing to wonder, because Anastasia as she admitted is dancing "whole her life." But most important that she has earned is the love of audience, fans of oriental dance, charmed by beauty of the female body. You can see dance numbers based on the vocabulary of oriental dance in Dance Theatre of Vadim Yelizarov show like - "Dances of the world", "Argentine Tango," "Love Story», «The Best». She professionally engaged this genre of dance for the past six years. In 2009, Anastasia became the vice-world champion in oriental dance championship in the IDF in Barcelona.

Talent - is primarily a work, great work. And Nastia used to working from the childhood. As for luck, then she was lucky in one - with the teachers. Her first dance teachers were Marsheva Nina Borisovna and Vadim Albertovich Elizarov. Their coaching experience, which Nastya has comprehended as a student, she now use as a method of teaching her students.

The art of oriental dance Anastasia trained from the Egyptian oriental dance stars. She said that she did, "everything possible and impossible" to take individual lessons from them. She was greatly influenced by the “live legend of Oriental dance” and one of the brightest stars of Oriental dance in Egypt Tatiana Fadeeva (Russian origin). Her stage nickname is "Noor", which means "Light." "Master - classes with Noor and her husband - Syrian singer, dancer, musician, Yasser al Essaouira turned her consciousness as a dancer, led to a better grasp not frangible connection between music and dance and make her define own dance style. Thanks to the excellent coach Mahmoud Reda - the greatest dancer, the man who created the lexical structure of folk oriental dance, learned and brought to the stage folk dances from different regions of Egypt. An indelible impression put on me talented choreographer Farida Fahmy, who has taught many outstanding male dancers of our time. "

The habit of work makes highly organized person so they achieve more in life. Anastasia has two high educations. One art education - "ballroom choreographer." Second - Financial. She perfectly graduated Sevastopol National Technical University. Why she need financial degree: "To better navigate the world around us ..." said Nastya. She even began to learn Arabic to better understand the art of oriental dance.

"Immerse yourself in the amazing world of oriental dance - it's worth it ..."

About the eastern (or Arabic) dance Anastasia can talk endlessly, because it is her nature. Exploring the history of oriental dance, with more than seven thousand years old history, Nastya came to the conclusion that the emergence and subsequent greatly increased its popularity is not accidental: "All the movement and dance technique is the set of exercises, which, from the childhood unobtrusive, aesthetically was preparing woman to her main purpose - motherhood. Dance movements strengthen and tone muscles, and thus surround the birth; help the body recover quickly after them. Thousand years of experience shows that oriental dance helps to become a healthy mother, but this is not a panacea. There are contraindications: severe spinal injury, inflammation of the pelvic organs and other diseases in which any exercise is contraindicated. "

Nastya talk about the effect of the dance on health because among other things, she directs the School of Oriental Dance "Oriental." This is one of the branches of education in Sevastopol dance school led by Vadim Yelizarov, which is one of the best in Ukraine and abroad.

Highly graded in the country “Oriental” dance school is the member of Ukrainian association of oriental dance performers, by the fact that it is the largest school in the country. At least 80% of coaches who led their own classes in our city are students of Anastasia Nikolenko. Nastya is proud that: "If people who have passed our training can teach others, it means that we got right method."

"Do you know - said Anastasia with the smile - that the dance changes the fate of women to the better? There are a lot of stories in my practice. After all, many of the problems in our lives have a psychological nature, and therefore require changing fundamentally their attitude towards themselves and others. The dance helps to transform your inner world, to make it free, self-confidence ... By the way, male oriental dance is also gaining popularity, perhaps for the same reasons, I am pleased that one of my the students Ildar Dusaliev, doing less than a year, this summer took part in the international festival "Silk Road" and took the Grand Prix in "show - belly dance". All students are greatly presents dance school 'Oriental' on international competitions; our sport competitive is the three-time champion of Ukraine in oriental dance, and champion of Ukraine in the "formation".

I must say that at school 'Oriental' we trained in several areas of oriental dance - Raks Sharqi (Arabic stage dance), fusion (fusion of styles), folk, and show belly dance.

"The peculiarity of our school is that student who has just received the basic fundamentals of dance can participate in contests, regional, national, and international championships"- said Nastya.

To realize dream of a stage, to feel the real artists, to demonstrate their skills to friends, relatives, friends every student canon the annual "oriental show" that a few times a year come on the stage of Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre. After those show, some men comes to an epiphany: "It turns out that I have Eastern princess at a hand ...»

What about the age? For the dance it does not matter.

We have classes for the children and adults. Children's groups (7 to 15 years) are led by the Anastasia Nickolenko student Honored Artist of Ukraine Daria Chumakov. She works with adults Anastasia.

The upper age limit does not exist; one of the most senior students of Nastia was 65 years old when she came to do. In fact, according to Anastasia, age thresholds person sets for himself ... "The worst thing - to feel" real estate, for life - a joy is in movement. «As a professional choreographer Anastasia develops programs for different age groups, "that are available to all interested and do not need to be afraid of themselves."

To become a student of Anastasia Nikolenko is not difficult: you just need to come to Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre.

Today, Arab dances are gaining worldwide popularity. Probably because that form of art helps to open the unexplored edge of self. The woman begins to take herself in the new way, expressing with the body language anything - from the female power to the subtle, sublime flights of the soul. Arabian Dance - is a mystery, and the creation of a rich ancient culture and mystery of our own body and what wonders it can do ... And if all these wonders mix with the mysterious Slavic soul, what will happen? So you try and mix...

Tatiana Sandulova.