Print version 2011-10-27 :: Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre premiered brand new show “Broadway”

New York's district Manhattan - right there situated the world famous Broadway. This street has become the core of American culture. It is no joke: nearly 40 theatres invite the public every evening on enchanting shows. New theatrical genre - the musical has come to the Old World just from there. A Lots of people dream’s to get to be on the Broadway but not all are successful. But to see the Broadway show is possible now in Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre that has recently presented brand new show “Broadway”.

The show is so long expectable, because the previous premiere was in 2002. That is caused a special interest to the new work of the group. Being fairly we need to note that all these years, the Vadim Elizarov Dance Theatre was not idle in the work all that years. Each of the repertoire performances evolved "Love Story" beginning of the century is not similar to the running today ...

Work on the new play, according to artistic director of theatre, National Artist of Ukraine Vadim Elizarov, started two years ago during China tour. Sevastopol dancers had inherited this idea from their American counterparts, who, for whatever reason, did not bring it to the logical conclusion. On the offer of the Chinese producer Sevastopol artists took on work on the program, in the way, the Far Eastern audience is like to see it. And how can you refuse, if the basis for a dance show is the songs of musicals that have become classics of the genre. Among them are "Chicago", "Romeo and Juliet," "West Side Story," "Beauty and the Beast," "Copacabana","Porgy and Bess," "Burlesque" and others. A separate dance theme of the new show will be the characters of the legendary personalities of the world music, as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Liza Minnelli, Cher and Barbra Streisand. It was a temptation that Sevastopol dancers were unable to overcome. We had to abandon the proposed Chinese ready-made costumes – that was too much out of style and format of Sevastopol Dance Theatre. Also was rejected the idea of guest vocalists. V. Elizarov rightly judged: that the original could not be replaced by any substitute.

Nevertheless, we had to learn from the American dancers -lightness of work, openness and incredible energy. However, the work of Ukrainian artists had increased interest in China. In one of the largest national centre of choreography, where began the production of Sevastopol "Broadway", the hosts has recorded every move on camcorder.

It is clear that reveal the plot of every musical in the hour and a half performance is impossible. And is it worth? The directors have gone the other way, connecting the episodes of the program with the works of dramatic artists. Lunacharsky Dram Theatre actors Ilya Spinov, Natalia Romanycheva and Mary Kondratenko as a duet with the leading host of dance theatre Maxim Davydov textually bring viewers on Broadway, show them the most famous places.

M. Davydov has prepared the whole literary performance. During the production process, was going not only a staging rehearsal and dance numbers, but a deep research of the musicals history, whole of drama and sometimes tragic. According to V. Elizarov actors opened a lot of new and try to tell the audience about it with the help of dance.

To create the illusion of Broadway, the theatre had to go on a very tangible sacrifice by removing half of the places in the audience hall.

Hour and a half, fourteen choreographic compositions and so much music and dance material behind the scenes - just for another two or even three performances. V. Elizarov promises that will certainly continue if the audience will like the current show.

Leading dancers are taking part in the “Broadway “ show - honoured artists of Ukraine Alexander Elizarov and Natalia Ivanova, Jana Tihenko and Fedor Pilipenko, Denis Solovyov and Eugeniya Gordienko, as well as the whole main troupe.

Welcome to Broadway-bright, enchanting, unforgettable!

Dmitry Makarov, Evgeny Shcherbakov.