Print version 2011-08-30 :: Everybody Dance in Sebastopol and on Broadway!

INTERVIEW WITH ART-DIRECTOR of the Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre National artist of Ukraine V. Elizarov. We met Vadim Albertovich on the eve of the new theatre season. As always, he enthusiastically talks about the plans, the future premiere, colleagues and team. It is clear that the main issue – the new performance.

Now we are preparing major premiere. So worried and excited of course. The specifics of the genre let continually update our productions. All performances of Dance Theater are constantly in motion: "Love Story", "The Best", and «Favorites". There are new singers, new numbers, which we add it's inevitable. The goal is to improve the quality of the show, the quality of the spectacle in terms of choreography, costumes, and, hence, increase spectator interest. We have another innovation: we are almost completely changed the venue. Now, instead of the two stall we left one, added three more lines of chairs. Stall "A" was rebuilt into the podium, where will act singers, presenters and the host. Thus we came to the classical perception of theatrical activity, when all that happens is directed to the viewer: perfectly visible faces of actors that are different energy.

-Vadim Albertovich what would be the new premier?

Performance called "Broadway". We were going for a very long time for that new solution. America-home of musicals, but this kind of art is not popular yet here. We are closer to the concept of "operetta", literally - a choreographic work, where everything is appropriate: the word, and singing, and dancing, and any staging. But if the operetta is a fun, easy genre, the musical based on the stories that might be dramatic and even tragic. In recent years contemporary art pleased with such masterpieces as "Notre Dam de Paris", "Cats", " Jesus Christ Superstar ", "Chicago", "Mamma Mia". The most long-playing was the play "Phantom of the opera".

-Indeed, until recently we knew about musicals, only hearsay.

Veil-opened by Philip Kirkorov he has brought the famous American musical "Chicago"-the fate of women - in complex criminal offenders. However, our viewers have not been grown up in this culture, and did not support the initiative. I was lucky enough to see Germany's famous play to music by Andrew Lloyd Webber "Phantom of the opera". Huge impression! Contemporary Art surprisingly specific, it absorbs the most interesting from all directions and music, choreography, stage design. They specially built theater for two thousand people for this performance. And this production has been going on for 30 years, three times a week in crowded halls. Naturally, we don’s have these possibilities.

-So you dared with your (been honest) rather meager opportunities in Sevastopol for the first time to make up a musical. Is your team ready for such genre, and historical diversity?

-I am very pleased with the troupe. Actors interested in this play and learning their numbers. We will show some excerpts from musicals, combining them into a single plot. As for the soloists, then, you know, our singers can not compete with the great Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Liza Minnelli. However, their response to the iconic hit musical will be presented in writing. The play will be attended by Sevastopol vocalists, already well known to viewers Nikolay Filippov and new singer Valentina Rybakova, unusually gifted people.

-Vadim Albertovich and why is it - "Broadway"?

Broadway is the name of the New - York Street, where a huge number of concert halls stands. We walk down this street and entering into the one, then another concert hall, watching snippets of performances. Our setting is a small tour of the best American musicals. Sure, there are popularizing the genre, and hence the story about it. Among other things the essence of art is to enlightenment. And we are playing this role for many years. Suppose we show "Carmen" by Georges Bizet to the music of Rodion Shchedrin transcription. People watch our show and they require to restore there memory of novella by Prosper Merime.

-Just like after watching you re-read "Notre Dame de Paris" by Victor Hugo.

-Absolutely. And note: not only do we turn to the classics in this respect. Thus, in the Theater of the B. Lavrenev is a dramatic version of "Notre Dame". I can list many wonderful performances and in our other theaters. So with that production of the "Broadway" we hope to extent Sebastopol and instill interest to the musical. Most likely, we will do the play in two - three parts: "Broadway - 1", "Broadway - 2" ... There are a lot of analogues of the performances with the continuation of productions. I don’t want it to be just a one-time flash, every number have to raise the interest, so we can "hooked up" the audience. I want to make the bright performance, because every number is a separate show. Of course, requires appropriate sets corresponding to the kinematics of the scene, its design and costumes. "West Side Story" is the one and the "Dreams of Bombay." is the other. We already have the opportunity to try many of the numbers "on the viewer," and it was really enthusiastic reception.

-Always waiting the opening night. Here generally meeting with the new genre. When can we see the "Broadway"?

-We want to start in October. However there are a lot of obstacles on this way. One of the major is the budget of the project. And this budget will be the most expensive. We are in the very difficult conditions, because we do not have the traditional stage exit, there is no usual theatrical backdrop. The stage equipment is the most difficult question. I am immensely grateful to Jaroslav Anastasov. At the beginning of each performance I present him how I see the action should be, and he picks up my ideas. How must fly the ship during the show? How can a Christmas tree grow up from the stage? How to evolve a jewelry mountain? All this made up by Jaroslav Anastasov. Where to get money to do it decently? Nikita Mikhalkov search for modern Tretyakov and Morozov (Russian’s famous philanthropists) for his projects. There are many rich people in our city, but, unfortunately, just few of those who are willing to support us. I always hope that they will pay attention to the culture and donate as much as they can for the production. Art is built so that it always needs assessment, needs support. The viewer evaluates us with overcrowded stalls. But we do not always get response from the government. I hope that with the coming of Vladimir G. Yatsuba we will fundamentally change attitude to the culture.

- The existence of the Dance Theatre in Sebastopol is the development of an important genre of art. Apart from the purely esthetic pleasure, you attract to the beauty and elegance our younger generation, to strengthen there spiritual component.

-For many years, theater is trying to hold his mission. I am grateful to all the creative staff. I am proud of my colleagues Nina Borisovna Marscheva, Olga Alexandrovna Charkovaya, Marina Vitalievna Minenkova, Elena Olkhovskaya our young teachers of modern dance, Sergei Voloshin and Martha Avgustinovich. Perfect teacher of Oriental dance, vice - world champion in the basic version Honored Artist of Ukraine Anastasia Nikolenko! People of all ages come to us, from young to gray-haired. They are immersed in an atmosphere that breathes dance hall. I often say that if the church should be prayed, the dance hall should be danced.

-That means everybody dancing! In Sebastopol and on Broadway. Thank you for the interview, Vadim Albertovich! See you at the premiere!

Elizabeth Yurzditskaya.