Print version 2011-10-21 :: Walk down through Broadway with Vadim Elizarov and his magnificent troupe.

So, the opening night on Saturday! Saying more accurately long-awaited premiere. A walk down Broadway promises to be intriguing and memorable. On the eve of this event festive mood prevails in the theater, with the high rhythm working the entire troupe and the technical department. Venue has been changed now it is truly become a theater: there is a stage where the action takes place, and one (now increased) stall. Art-director of the Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre National Artist of Ukraine Vadim Elizarov told us a little about the show on the press conference.

It was unexpected for the media that the latest premiere at the theater took place in 2002. That's not counting show for the children, which are traditionally produced annually in the New Year's Eve. However, audience have the impression that the premiere follow one by one, because we are always going to the theater with pride for our city and its creative potential and always brings all the guests from near and far abroad.

This confidence is due to the fact that all the performances, beginning with "Love Story", which we well know, are constantly in development. New members come to the performance; stage is updated, so each show presented today on the Playbills is really new action. From all points of view- dance, drama, stage design.

The idea of the new play, its quintessence was born long and difficult. From many librettos manager of the theater had to choose the most relevant to the artistic aspirations of the company and tastes of the viewers.

-But to start a new job, we need inspiration, impetus, impulse, that sends the Lord God, or performers - says the director of the "Broadway" V. Elizarov.

Referring to a show history, Vadim Albertovich says that his designs have been developed suddenly during a tour group in China. And it happened under the influence from the Chinese producer. The idea of performance based on the best-known musicals, firstly was suggested to the U.S. team. The plan supported, and everything was ready: costumes, advertising, video, and booklet. Show began, US troupe worked during the touring season in China. But show has failed. The audience did not get what they want. And this despite the facts that Americans are the founders of this extraordinary art form as a musical.

"I really liked the idea of handling the best examples of this wonderful genre," said Vadim Albertovich. He recalled how he first saw the musical "LIVE". It was in Hamburg, in the specially created for the musical theater complex. Unforgettable impression - it was interesting, beautiful, spectacular, and incredible with all the stage canons.

For America musical performance is number one. That genre was not unaccustomed to us for a very long time. Preference was given to the operetta with all the cheerful feelings and moods. Musical is often the tragedy, and drama. Only in recent years, it with difficulty began to find its way onto the stage. At first we were shocked by amazing music of the great composers, and then we gradually began to delve into the plot of certain performances, which were presented on Broadway. It is known that on this street concentrated a large number of concert halls, where American artists participating in the popular performances with admirable energy and constant American smile.

The idea of a new production "Broadway" in the dance theater involves a kind of excursus into the history of the musical. It is clear that it is not possible to open each of the subjects in isolation but the impression is possible. Theatrical show includes numbers based on the basis of world famous musicals "Chicago", "Romeo and Juliet," "West Side Story," "Beauty and the Beast," "Copacabana," "Porgy and Bess." A separate dance theme of the new show will be the characters of the legendary personalities of the world music, as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Liza Minnelli. Spectators will have an unforgettable, exciting show with a constantly changing musical rhythm, and sometimes unexpected dance images and new bright, spectacular costumes.

We have already talked about that especially for the premiere was done a lot of work for the conversion of the auditorium of the theater. With the help of specially made for this show sparkling scenery will make audience to believe that they are on the famous street in Manhattan, the theater district, We will see the wonderful performance, which will hold on full of the lovely bright colored lights the stage with steps, stairs and balconies. The creators of the new program were made everything possible to create effect of the Broadway show, a bright, colorful, and sometimes pompous.

The entire main troupe is taking part in the program, well-known and beloved by audience soloists Natalia Ivanova and Alexander Yelizarov, Jana Tihenko and Fedor Pilipenko, Eugenia Gordienko and Denis Solovyov, Irina Gladkih and Vladimir Kosencko and others. The nexus of individual subjects are the hosts Maxim Davydov and Mary Kondratenko, Natalia Romanycheva and Ilya Spinov.

Talking about people who are involved in the preparation of the play, Vadim Elizarov mentioned all those who contributed to the realization of the idea. And it's practically the whole team: painters, costume designers, sound engineers, engineers, inventors, true craftsmen. At a press conference announced the name of Nina Marscheva, Nicholay Rachinsky, Boris Lula, Leonid Oleinichenko, Andrew Molodtsova, Jaroslav Anastasova, Natalia Semenova, Leonid Strekneva, Dmitry Kashirin, Angela Baranovskaya ... To name all is impossible, but their creative work and professional activity there.

And that still inspires art-director: we already assembled the bulk of music and dance material from which it will be possible to create "Broadway 2", "Broadway 3", etc. This means that we are waiting for new premieres and new pleasures.

Elizabeth Yurzditskaya..