Print version 2011-01-05 :: Flying Ship

Art-Director of Sevastopol Dance Theatre Vadim Yelizarov:

- Sevastopol is accustomed to the fact that Sevastopol Dance Theatre is producing new dance performance for children for Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Our repertoire of children's Christmas tales is quite extensive: "The Nutcracker", "New Adventures of Harry Potter," "The Snow Queen," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," "Pinocchio."

For this year we decide to produce a fairy tale called "The Flying Ship." There is a cartoon and an audio version of this product. In my opinion, this is one of the most cheerful and kind modern fairy tales. In addition to the film composer Maxim Dunaevsky wrote awesome music, set to poetry by Yuri Entin. I must say that the characters have the voices of Anatoly Papanov, Mikhail Boyarsky, etc. In this sense, I have decided to change nothing and simply connect the audio version with the cartoon. I would not retell the story, but those hits that are already on everyone's lips, are included in the show.

I think the show will be interesting to kids, older children and adults because we make it a truly Christmas. The plot is - well-known struggle against the evil, accompanied by a chase and miraculous transformations. Of course, our flying ship will fly in the end, and Christmas tree traditionally grows up in front of astonished spectators. There will be everything!

Including rewarding for the kids who will come to us in the beautiful carnival costumes - we let them try to fly on the flying ship.

The cast are our leading actors: Honored Artist of Ukraine Nikolenko Anastasia (she will play Zabava), honored artists of the ARC Lenitsky Anton, Tzepkov Dmitry. In addition our teenage youth and the studio will come to the stage that is very properly in our opinion. The ornamental part of the play deals with theater artist Jana Chizh. It is not our first collaboration with this person it is very interesting work with. It seems that the scenery will be amazing, will create a volume, a kind of theatrical illusion.

Feature of the play is its multipart structure. We believe that a young child really perceives the subject performance for 15 - 20 minutes then he gets tired and want to become a part of the play. That is why we include them in the game, and from that moment begins an animated part of our story. Children also will be dancing along with the actors, playing snowballs and so on.

I am the executive producer of the play, but I really got strong support from our young choreographers, Honored Artists of Ukraine Alexander Yelizarov, Fedor Pilipenko and Denis Solovyov.

Libretto and the whole literary part produced by our choreographer, laureate of State Prize of the ARC Elena Olkhovskaya. She is also takes an active part in the production. Sound producer - Nicholas Raczynski. I can say that the conceived choreographic act is financial capacious project, and we are still looking for the sponsor or charity found support.

Tatiana Sandulova.