Print version 2011-03-11 :: Vadim Yelizarov Dance Theatre in Cherkassy.

Cherkassy for the last weekend turned into the Ukraine’s sport ballroom dance capital. The press service of the Cherkassy City Council announce to "THE PHRASE" that more than 700 participants aged from 5 to 50 years visited the town to take part in the National competitions in ballroom dancing to "The Mayor Cup." The special gift for athletes and the city was the show from Vadim Yelizarov Sevastopol Dance Theatre. The event was held under support of the mayor Sergei Odaricha.

More than 10 years Cherkasy haven’t seen such kind of event. Odarich said that that competition in Cherkassy, became the remarkable dance tradition. He promised that the city will strongly contribute for its development.

"This is actually the first major dance event lately. The next time we try to entertain participants from other cities so that they had the opportunity to become acquainted with Cherkassy, to visit the zoo and museums. Mostly they just see only the train station, ballroom hall and the train station. Event is very important for the local kids because 80% of them have no financial ability to attend and participate in such contests, and therefore could not improve, "- said the organizer of "THE MAYOR CUP" the head of the dance club" Pearl "Igor Dobriansky.

Competitions were held for two days, which are divided into departments. All the contestants were divided by age and class performance (depending on the "dance experience"). Overall, it was presented 53 categories. Pairs, depending to the category, danced from two to ten dances of European and Latin American program.

The real struggle was among professionals. Sevastopol sport dance club "Victoria" got “THE Mayor CUP”. By the results Crimean dancers got the most awards in various categories. Winners received valuable award from the hands of Mayor Sergei Odaricha and his wife Angela Odarich.

Performance from the Vadim Yelizarov Sevastopol Dance Theatre become a highlight of the events. The world-famous theater presented famous well known dance program ("Adagio," "Cats," "Skirt», «Exhibition») and the brand new numbers that are performed for the first time (“Chicago”, “Hair spray”) Sevastopol dancers just BURN THE FLOOR. Especially the contestants and spectators struck the impromptu of the event host. The host – Vadim Yelizarov invited the jury and dancers to swap places. The effect was striking: harsh judges danced no worse than the participants.

"We are for the first time in Cherkassy. But I want to highlight the organization of the competition. Your city has geographical advantages it is easily accessible from any part of the Ukraine. Also Cherkassy have beautiful Sport Palace with the high level floor, sound, light. And the city head has special attention and is interested in the competition ' – praising said director of Sevastopol Dance Theatre Vadim Yelizarov.

However having positive reviews on Cherkassy competition, Vadim Albertovich mentioned negative aspects of the television projects. He noted that the creators of the shows are manipulating with audience emotions and leave out standards of the ballroom competitions.

The second day of the competition on the Cherkassy dance floor were amateurs and seniors (experienced dancers with the venerable age sometimes).

The municipality plans big dance festival in Cherkassy, where for a few days, hundreds of pairs gave a positive attitude to citizens and visitors.