Print version 2011-04-20 :: Elena Olkhovskaya.

Elena Olkhovskaya is educated and in fact is a professional ballet dancer. She graduated from the famous Perm Ballet School and danced in the Ballet and Opera Theatre in Yekaterinburg, Dnepropetrovsk. Everything went well. But then fate brought her to Sevastopol. As a choreographer she has worked with different bands and theaters of the city, and it was very successful work. City appreciated her as a choreographer. But her true career that brings satisfaction began when she met Vadim Albertovich Yelizarov.

-It was a turning point of my artistic biography. My formation as the stage director and dance producer was in the dance theater. Graduated from the famous Perm School for me determined style was classical dance and I always tried to bring it on the stage. Of course, I can direct both modern and folk dances. But it was happened for the first time in the dance theatre. Vadim Albertovich offered me to participate in the production of "Carmen." What attracted me to this work? First of all, that for the first time ballroom dancers of theater danced the full dance performance.

Vadim Albertovich and Helen developed libretto, direct all the action on stage and in music tracks. The music by Bizet's opera "Carmen" played by the London Royal Orchestra (a rare recording without vocal) and Rodion Shchedrin's music for the "Carmen Suite" has been used to the play. But the music of Bizet and Shchedrin is not intended for ballroom dancing, it does not define those rates and rhythms, which are the basis for ballroom dance. Began painstaking hard work, the choreographer was have to produce dance to classical music. As a result «Carmen" was significant performance for Yelizarov Dance Theatre. Sebastopol audience loved it, the inhabitants of different cities and countries visited by the touring theater applauded to it. Then followed other performances for adults and children’s. Performances took its place in the repertory, "Notre - Dame de Paris," "Pygmalion." By the way, "Pygmalion" was awarded the prize by Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and among the winners were Helen Olkhovskaya

For me, every performance in the Vadim Albertovich Theater is a very pleasant job, says Elena.-I am happy to repeat aphorism: "Blessed is the man for who work is a hobby, and hobby is a work." Therefore, we work with pleasure, and then everything happens. Great team of the theatre. When Vadim Albertovich got a certain idea of staging the play, then the entire creative team enjoys work on it: directors, choreographers, actors, artists, costume designers, technical staff workshops, and sound.

All the years of work in the theater, Elena led the class of a classical dance at dance school. It has some age groups, from infants to adults. But with last season, she also began working in the famous Sevastopol national classical dance ensemble "Nadezhda (Hope)", which has created and nurtured known in Sebastopol Nadezhda Illarionovna Svetlova.

- Nadezhda Illarionovna was a wonderful person, dedicated to his profession. She began her career in the Dunayevsky ensemble, then graduated from the Leningrad Ballet School and danced at the Mariinsky. With the concert teams she went through the war. She told how she danced on pointe on shifted trucks. More than 40 years she gave to the ensemble, " Nadezhda (Hope)." We try to keep these traditions, and I do my best to develop the team, 'says Helen.

With an older group E. Olkhovskaya implemented several productions: "Divertimento" from "Sleeping Beauty" PI Tchaikovsky's, ballet dancing from L.Minkus "La Bayadere". Were prepared and individual concert numbers, "Waltz" by Johann Strauss, "Cancun" by J. Offenbach. Accompanist - Galina Vadimovna Vavilova.

And here's more good news: a recent ensemble "Nadezhda (Hope)", participated in an international festival of children's and youthful creativity "Crimean world: Constellation," which took place in Simferopol. In the "classical dance" Sevastopol exhibited two numbers,

"Waltz" by Johann Strauss and "gems" from the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky and honorably won the first place. And in the International Competition of Children's and youthful creativity they were awarded "Grand Prix - when," although opponents were very prepared, from Russia, China and Kazakhstan.

The Art of the classical theater is the determining factor of the dance culture. Classical dance is the basis of any kind of choreography. If a child learns the basics and the basics of classical dance, he can try all the other genres and prove himself worthy. That's how is growing the next dance generation of Sevastopol.

Elizabeth Yurzditskaya.