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Vadim Yelizarov Dance Theatre in Cherkassy.

Cherkassy for the last weekend turned into the Ukraine’s sport ballroom dance capital. The press service of the Cherkassy City Council announce to "THE PHRASE" that more than 700 participants aged from 5 to 50 years visited the town to take part in the National competitions in ballroom dancing to "The Mayor Cup." The special gift for athletes and the city was the show from Vadim Yelizarov Sevastopol Dance Theatre. The event was held under support of the mayor Sergei Odaricha.


Flying Ship

- Sevastopol is accustomed to the fact that Sevastopol Dance Theatre is producing new dance performance for children for Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Our repertoire of children's Christmas tales is quite extensive: "The Nutcracker", "New Adventures of Harry Potter," "The Snow Queen," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," "Pinocchio."


Happiness is when you can do what you like and do work you was born for.

"A slow breath of hope barely touched with a fine - and reviving the power of searching and creativity, the desire to do something good and useful, to help people. That is the greatest power of beauty. "

Ivan Efremov, "Razor blade"


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