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  1. Black room (backdrop and side scenes of black color).
  2. Stage surface - parquet, laminated plastic, plastic, linoleum (any covering for ballroomdance). Inadmissible - boards, chinks, nails, splinters etc.
  3. Stage sizes max width – 16m x depth – 14m; min - 12x10m.
  4. It would be preferable to have a "night sky" backdrop, i.e. a black backdrop with flickering lights (stars), scattered all over the surface.
  5. It is necessary to have a gangway behind the backdrop and side scenes with highlight for artists.
  6. There must be benches for costumes, placed behind the side scenes and backdrop in immediate proximity to the stage, because it is a non stop dance show and it is necessary to change the costumes rapidly.
  7. It is necessary to have dressing and make-up rooms taking into account quantity of all the artists with mirrors, racks, outlets for hair-driers connection.
  8. Shower rooms and lavatories.
  9. Mineral water, coffee, tee availability in dressing and make-up rooms.


  1. Casting light:
    1. PAR 64 - 80 kW (of 4-5 plans (of soffits));
    2. COLORCHANGER  ~ 30 pcs;
  1.   Dynamic light:
    1. scanner (1200 W) or Moviehead (575-1200W) 8-10 pcs;
    2. Strobe (2 kW);
    3. other dynamic devices are possible.
  1. Remote light:
    1. fog-maschine 2 pcs;
    2. filters on PAR 64 (of the common amount  of devices for a casting).
  1. Accessories:
    1. 4.Following lights min=20kWt
    2. following spots 1200kW – x2


  1. Sound-amplifying set (gantry) of 10-15 kW - in accordance with quantity of places n the hall.
  2. Sub-sounding on the stage - monitors(250-400W x4).
  3. Mixer console on 4 channel EQ.
  4. Separate monitors on portals and monitors.
  5. Limiter,
  6. Radio microphones.
  7. Sound processor (reverberator).
  8. CD -  record-player.


Modern bus ( luggage, toilet, video, air-conditioner, coffe-maschine) If needed , special truck for the costume and stage decoration.

For delivering stage equipment

  1. Box truck of 4 tns, body length of 4m for "Pygmalion" show.
  2. Box truck of 6 tns, body length of 6m for "Notre Dame de Paris" show.
  3. Freight minibus, body length of 3,5-4m for "Argentine Tango", "Fouette", "Snow Queen" shows.
  4. There is no need in scenery transportation for other shows.


The numbe of  suitcases full  of costumes

    92 x 70 x 30 = 16 pcs – 30 kg;
    80 x 56 x 35 = 1 pcs – 15 kg;
    The weight of 1 suitcase is 30kg
    Total weight of suitcases is 495kg


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