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The business offer

The troupe: "Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre"

The perfoming structure of the troupe:

    Actors - 35
    Soloists - 5
    Ballet master - 1
    Costumier - 1
    Sound producer - 1
    Light producer - 1
    Art director - 1
    Manager - 1

All - 46 person (the reduced variant of the troupe is possible) and it is discussed at drawing up of the contract.

The scene:

  • the sizes (it is desirable) 16m X 14m
  • Min 10m X 10m
  • Мах 20m X 20m

The cover of the scene:

  1. the ideal variant is a collapsible parquet.
  2. Any cover providing normal sliding for the performance of ball dances (laminat, linoleum etc., there is a floor).

Light: art (casting and dynamic) light, it agrees the scenery plan (it is established on rehearsals) (the minimum is presented).

Sound: the intensifying equipment by capacity of 2-3 KW (the regular equipment of a concert hall), reproducing equipment - mini disk (2 pieces) (there is a variant) are required.

Transport:a modern bus (a luggage space, a toilet, video, the conditioner, coffee - machine), the special trailer for transportation of costumes and scenery.

Residing: hotel (single and double rooms) We need:hot water (shower or bath), the TV, lavatory.
The pocket money (daily allowance) are discussed at drawing up of the contract.
The rooms of higher comfort are for the soloists, the ballet master and the head.


  • Breakfast - (in hotel) - before 10 o'clock in the morning;
  • Dinner - the first, second course (soups, cabbadge soups etc.) is necessary;
  • Supper - a salad, a hot second course.
  • At performances, concerts natural juices, mineral waters are necessary.

The make-up rooms: the special rooms near the stage, for changing clothes and preparation of actors for dancing show.

The advertising company is carried out by organizers (artistic agencies, bureau etc.) at the coordination with the head - the director of the Sevastopol theatre of dance)


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