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About the theater


Vadim Albertovich YELIZAROV


Art director
Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre,
People's Artist of Ukraine,
Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine,
Laureate of the State Prize of the ARC,
Honored Art Worker of the ARC,
Professor of the Department of Choreography
Crimean University of Culture, Arts and Tourism.


Vadim Albertovich Elizarov - now director of Sevastopol Academic Dance Theatre, People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, Crimea, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Crimea, the artistic director and the author of all productions - was born and raised in the city of Saratov. Thanks to my grandmother, who was very fond of dancing, with little Vadim preschool age engaged in the Palace of Pioneers first classical dance, and the seventh grade - ballroom. After high school, Vadim Yelizarov, giving the wishes of his father, graduated from the Aviation College, and then - Economic Institute. But he did always dancing, believing that in this his vocation. Working in a design institute and head of production planning department building trust, constantly dreamed of creating his own school of ballroom dance that he was able to carry on going to work in the Palace of Culture. The first organized team Yelizarov "Edelweiss" won the national title. While studying at Elizarova favorite subject was aerodynamics, because many of its laws applicable to the dance. Vadim Albertovich argues that if the dancer is misusing energy of motion of the body, all his movements are illogical. On the floor must be able to slide right move. And if everything is correct, the dancer gets tired, it will organically connected with music.

Vadim Yelizarov has won many Russian competitions in ballroom dancing, contests Volga cities, multiple winner of the championship of Russia. Together with his wife and Lady Nina Marching entered the national team of the Soviet Union.

In 1978, revealing it as a brilliant couple invited to Sevastopol train dance troupe Urban Culture House. A year later, Vadim and Nina got an offer from the leadership of the city to stay and work in Sevastopol. They agreed without hesitation. On the basis of the cultural complex "Shipwright" wife have created a dance school for mass education. At this time Elizarov and sustainer of Ukraine became the three-time champion in the individual competition. Later, organized sports and dance club "Victoria", which was a fourteen Ukrainian champion, silver medalist Germany's Open Championship, finalist for World and European Championships. For more than a quarter century, the club is leading a team of ballroom USSR. In 1990, the "Victoria" was the last champion of the Soviet Union. Dancers club played in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary, and Poland.

Throughout this time Vadim Albertovich watched in the prime of 20-25 year olds are forced to accompany retire because Career dancers athletes too short. In 1989 in Norway at the European Championships in Latin program club "Victoria" first showed his program. That's when it became clear that it is not just a sports team, but also theater, because at the highest level of sportsmanship art begins.

The idea of the creation of theater dance originated Vadim Elizarova long time, but realize it was only in 2000, as Only in December 1999, the top leadership of the city was ordered creation of urban public institution "Sevastopol Dance Theatre." Place to base was defined gym Palace of childhood and adolescence.

During the work of the theater there was a set of various colorful performances: "Love Story", "Spring tour", "Favorites", "Argentine Tango", "Carmen», «Exhibition», «Broadway», «Notre dame de Paris» "Pygmalion», «The Best», «Cabaret», and for the youngest viewers - "New Year's field of Dreams," "The Nutcracker", "Cinderella", "The Snow Queen", "The Bremen Town Musicians," "Pinocchio," "C Happy New Year, Harry Potter, "" The Flying Ship "," Ali Baba "," Our Masha and the Bear ».


It is very important and indispensable work of Honored Artist of Ukraine, honored worker of culture of the ARC Nina Borisovny Marching, which sees the first reading of the libretto and translates it into a plastic vocabulary of dance.

In 2002, the Dance Theatre of Vadim Elizarova opened the Days of Russian Culture in France. Presentation Theater People's Artist of Russia struck, film director Nikita Mikhalkov, and he said in an address Sebastopol warmest words. Later, a meeting was held with Mikhalkov in the walls of the theater, where the maitre figuratively named a dance performed by a theater, a kind of conversation with God, and when watching the play of his cries of "Bravo" and thunderous applause accompanied almost every room.

About three years Sevastopol Dance Theatre of Vadim Elizarova is academic, but it has long been - a unique phenomenon, which has no analogues in the world. This highly professional team. Labor theater artists marked by national and international awards. In collective dancing multitude of distinguished artists and artists of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of the ARC, Honored Artist of the ARC, there is silver and gold medalist of the world.

Vadim Albertovich three children and four grandchildren. Children followed in the footsteps of his father. Diana with her husband Sergei Grinyova danced in the World Cup in Moscow, reached the semifinals, but the birth of two children require only engage in teaching activities, Dennis and his wife Natalia - the champions of Ukraine among professionals, Alexander and the Lady Natalia Ivanova - the champions of Ukraine, both among professionals, and fans, and in 2006. Israel won the World Cup. Both sons - Honored Artist of Ukraine and Crimea.


VA Elizarov deserves the gratitude and veneration of his contemporaries and successors, as he went down in history as the founder and pioneer of what in the world until it was not.



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